These are the 15 weather symbols used by Meteotest:

Value Outline 2014Flat 2013Version 2012 DescriptionBeschreibungLégendeDescrizione
#2mostly sunnymostly sunnymostly sunnymostly sunnyziemlich sonnigassez ensoleillépoco nuvoloso
#4heavily cloudyheavily cloudyheavily cloudyheavily cloudystark bewölkttrès nuageuxmolto nuvoloso
#5thunderstorm (heat)thunderstorm (heat)thunderstorm (heat)thunderstorm (heat)Wärmegewitterorage de chaleurtemporali
#6heavy rainheavy rainheavy rainheavy rainstarker Regenpluie fortepiogge intense
#7snowfallsnowfallsnowfallsnowfallSchneefallchutes de neigenevicate
#9sleetsleetsleetsleetSchneeregenpluie et neige mêléesnevischio
#10rain showerrain showerrain showerrain showerRegenschaueraversesrovesci di pioggia
#11light rainlight rainlight rainlight rainleichter Regenfaible pluiedeboli piogge
#12snow showersnow showersnow showersnow showerSchneeschaueraverses de neigerovesci di neve
#13thunderstrom (frontal)thunderstrom (frontal)thunderstrom (frontal)thunderstrom (frontal)Frontgewitterfront orageuxtemporale frontale
#14low stratuslow stratuslow stratuslow stratusHochnebelstratusnebbia alta
#15sleet showersleet showersleet showersleet showerSchneeregenschaueraverses et neige mêléesrovesci di pioggia e neve

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